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About Us

Tynxt is a fresh new dimension to online advertising and marketing individuals and businesses through classifieds.

Get to know your customers through Tynxt and increase your sales and expand your business.

What we do:

We are in the business of making businesses look better with our unique design that attracts more visitors and delivers more business.

Unique features created to enhance your business visibility and reach. Tynxt is focused on the needs of the eCommerce industry. We designed our application so that it will provide sellers with the most important data about clients, orders and conversion rates which will help increase your sales.

Our Mission:

Is to connect the worlds small, medium and large businesses to allow them to be more productive and successful. Our services are designed to promote economic opportunities for individuals and businesses by enabling you and millions of other businesses to meet and exchange ideas, find opportunities and make decisions in the trusted network of businesses.


With Tynxt you will be able to direct customers to your most popular products and increase sales

You will be able to identify market demands and what benefits can be added by asking customers for feedback.

You will be able to monitor your customers' buying behaviour and suggest additional products they can buy.

Happy trading with Tynxt!