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Safety Tips

Safety tips for sellers:
  • Always remember to meet the buyer in a Public or Safe location.
  • Ensure the information that you provided is Clear and Correct.
  • Provide your personal information only after understood the buyer.
  • Avoid sharing or disclosing your Financial Information.
  • Always try to do the negotiations and deals in person and avoid sending product without payment.
  • Ensure the documents of ownership are true and upon you.

Safety tips for buyers:
  • Inspect and Ensure the Condition, Quantity and Quality of the product as it mentioned in the Ad.
  • Collect maximum information from the seller and have a clear understanding about the product.
  • Meet the buyer and product physically in a safe location before get in to dealing.
  • Always try to make the purchase by Cash on delivery.
  • Ensure the right ownership of the product is upon the seller only.
  • Avoid sharing or disclosing your Financial Information.
  • Ignore the product without getting ashamed, if you are not interested in.